Syllabus 2018-19

Jan 2019

 4th  New Year break – No Meeting

11th   PDI Comps (i) Portrait; (ii) ‘Scapes
Dennis Miller Plate
Judge:  David Hall

18th   “What I did last year”
Various Members

25th  Leagues Print 5 & PDI 5
Stewart Hall Trophy
Ken Looker Trophy
Norman Wilkinson Trophy
Judge: Ron Tear MPAGB

29th  (Tues)  Print Battle with Upminster
Judge: Mike Fuller

 FEB 2019

1st   Laptop Tuition Evening

Phil Ricketts ARPS

15th  Mono Print Comp Allan Bell Trophy
Judge: David Woods

22   PDI Battle with Upminster
Judge:  Gill Adams

MAR 2019

1st      “International Salon Submissions”
Gordon Bramham  MPAGB

8th    Print Knockout Comp
Judge: Dave Wilcox DPAGB/AV

15th    Brig. Smith Rosebowl comp; &
PDI of the Year (Cliff Mangan Cup)
Judge: David Portwain ARPS

Looking Back, Looking Forward &
The Year in Review

29th   Print of the Year
Tom Belcher Trophy
Judge:   Jane Barrett DPAGB      


                       APR 2019

 Club Exhibition Brentwood Library tbc

5th     Camera Clinic


19th    GOOD FRIDAY – no Meeting

26th   Extended Easter break – no Meeting


                    MAY 2019

           NEW CLUB YEAR

  3   Print League Comp 1
Judge: tbc


 17   PDI League Comp 1
Judge:  tbc