Syllabus 2022-23

  BDPC Programme 2022/23   Judge / Lecturer
2022   Trophies  
Sept 9th PDI League Comp 1             Dave Wilcox
16th Night & low light Photgraphy of all sorts.   Peter Warne
23rd Print League Comp 1   Pauline Martindale
30th AGM    
Oct 7th My Affair with Photography so far.   Graham Caile   donation
14th Members Evening    
21st PDI Comp Flora & Fauna  Alan Parker  Alison Jenkins  
28th PDI Comp- Close up & Street Photography    Gillespie Jane Barrett
Nov 4th Panorama & Tour of US.   Dave Hussey  
11th  Dreghorn Trophy Print Comp Dreghorn Roy Essery
18th Evening with Barry Harrington   Barry Harington  TBA
25th PDI League Comp 2   Ken Payne
  Dec 2nd – Jan 6th –  No Meetings    
  BDPC Christmas Dinner  –  December ?    
Jan 13th Print Comp Portrait & PDI Set Subject ? Portrait Cup Graham Parry
  Colour Set Subject – RAIN Set Subject  
20th Print League Comp. 2   Ian Ryall
27th Talk    
31st Jan Print Battle with Upminster at Upminster   Graham Parry
Feb 3rd Chair evening   Julie Hutson
10th PDI League Comp 3    Marilyn Steward
17th PDI Battle with Upminster at home.   Vic Hainsworth
24th Presidents Evening   Tina Reid
Mar 3rd PDI Comps. Portrait & Scapes  Miller Plate  Tom Peck
  Brian Ross Goblet & Dennis Miller Plate  B.Ross Goblet  
10th Dick Williams & Dave Wilcox AV Show   Dick & Dave
17th Mono Print Comp  Alan Bell       * * Roy Essery
24th Print League Comp 3       Empson Graham  Parry
31st Studio evening   Gary Atkinson
April 7th GOOD FRIDAY    
14th  NO MEETING    
21st Print Comp Scapes  World & UK B&A Haines    * * David Portwain
28th  Talk – My Camera    Chris Shepherd
May 5th Panel of 3   Ian Ryall
12th Print League Comp 4 – total for year Ken Looker Colin Strong
         Stewart Hall Trophy  (Beginners) Stewart Hall  
19th  Members Evening    
June 2nd PDI League Comp 4 – total for the year.  N.Wilkinson Vic Hainsworth
9th Print of the Year  Comp. Tom Belcher Caroline Preece
16th Brig Smith Rosebowl – PDI of the Year  Brig. Smith   
   & Cliff Mangan Cup for best PDI for year.  Cliff Mangan  
  Garden Party  July ?    

** Scores Added to Print League Comps