Syllabus 2023-24

  BDPC Programme 2023/24   Judge / Lecturer
2023   Trophies  
15th Landscape Photography.   Dave Peck
22nd PDI Comp 1   David Portwain
29th AGM    
6th Ladies vs Gents. Comp, details to follow   Dave Wilcox
13th Members Evening, “What I did in the holidays” and possible kit auction    
20th Roger Hance FRPS Wildlife tips via YouTube      lead by Richards Burch
27th PDI Flora and Fauna Trophy   Jane Barrett ARPS DPAGB 
3rd NO MEETING, take fireworks/bonfire pictures for discussion at next members evening, Informal walk/night photography may be arranged    
10th PDI League Comp 2   Vic Hainsworth ARPS
17th  Talk – Action, Water and Luck Don Thompson  
24th  Print Competition
Dreghorn Trophy Roy Essery MPAGB
Wed 29th BDPC Christmas Dinner
12th Print Comp Portrait *** & DPI Set Subject (Red, White or Blue song Title) Portrait Cup Graham Parry
19th Talk – Mono Prints   Dr, Roger Winter
26th Print League Comp 2   Nick Bowman
30th PDI Battle with Upminster at Upminster   Ian Ryall
2nd Chairs Evening    
9th Members Evening (Fireworks Pics & Videos via Internet    
16th Print Battle with Upminster – Hosted by Brentwood   Vic Hainsworth ARPS
23rd PDI Comps – Portrait Comp  & Scapes Comp Portrait Goblet & Dennis Miller Plate Dave Wilcox
1st EAF Exhibition Disk    
8th The Dick & Dave Show (AV’s by Dick Williams and Dave Wilcox)   Dick & Dave
15th Print League Comp No.3   Mark Cleveland
22nd Mono Print Comp ***
Alan Bell Trophy David Portwain
29th Good Friday – No Meeting    
5th No Meeting    
Spring 24      
12th  PDI League No.3   Nick Bowman
19th Print Competitions – George Worley (Images withing the British Isles or Waters surrounding.), B & A Haines *** (World Land, Sea or Skyscape)
George Worley & Barry and Alison Haines ***
Tom Peck
26th Studio Evening   John Griffith
3rd Panel of 3 Prints Empson Trophy Ian Ryall
10th Famous Faces/Presentation   Richard Lincoln /. Richard Burch
17th Print League Comp No.4 & Total for the Year Ken Looker Trophy (Adv) Strewart Hall Trophy (Int) Graham Parry
24th Print of the Year Tom Belcher Roy Essery MPAGB
31st NO MEETING    
7th PDI League Comp No.4 and Total for the Year N Wilkingson Trophy TBA
14th PDI Brig Smith Rosebowl & PDI of the Year Brig. Smith & Cliff Mangen Cup Tom Peck
  SUMMER BREAK untill 2nd Week September    
July 5th Helga’s Garden Party

*** Scores Added to Print League Comps