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Print Competitions Camera Club Brentwood EssexPRINT COMPETITION RULES
(Jan 2016 Final)

General Rules – Print Competitions

***Please Refer to Syllabus for details of competitions held during the current year***

1 In all print competitions (unless notified in advance by the committee) all elements of an image must be the original work of the author. Thus inclusion of clip-art and royalty-free images is not permitted. For clarity, copying other work from any media whatsoever (whether digital or printed) is not permitted – in whole or in part. (Please note – copying also includes any downloads).

2 Prints may be any shape, up to a maximum size of 50 x 40cm including the mount. The minimum size is that one side of the print (excluding the mount) should not be less than 25cm. Members may wish to note that mounts exceeding 50 x 40cm are ineligible for EAF and PAGB competitions.

3 The front of the print or its mount shall bear no indication of the authorship of the print but may be titled. The name of the author, and in the case of the League Print Competition, the relevant Section to which a member belongs shall be written on the rear of the mount.

4 All prints must be submitted to the print secretary by 8pm on the evening of the competition. The Print Secretary has the right (i) to refuse late entries, and (ii) to reject prints which in his/her discretion (or in consultation with the committee) are ineligible.

5 In all competitions which take place in the course of one evening and in which numerical marks are awarded there can be only two joint winners. In the event of a tie involving three or more competitors the judge will be invited to select an overall winning entry from the tied entries.

6 Where there is one competition on an evening members may enter up to three prints, unless otherwise indicated by a Committee member. Where there are two competitions in one evening, each member may enter two prints for each competition. (This does not apply if there are both Print and Projected Image League Competitions on the same evening, in which three images may be entered in each competition). The Committee has the right to change the number of prints that may be entered in any competition.

7 Trophies for all print competitions shall be held for 12 months. It is the responsibility of the winner to have the trophy engraved at his/her own expense.

League Print Competitions

The Competition may be in two Sections graded on ability (and dependent on the membership in any club year). Members may be assigned to a Section at the discretion of the Committee:

Section 1 – Advanced
Section 2 – Beginners / Intermediate

1 There will be a number of rounds (“Rounds”) for the competition – generally 5 or 6. Please refer to the published programme or syllabus for the number of Rounds in any given club year. The club year runs from the first Friday following an Annual General Meeting to the next AGM.

2 A trophy will be awarded in each Section to the member scoring the largest cumulative points total during the club year. In each Round, the winning print will receive 25 points, second print 20 points, third print 15 points, each Certificate of Merit print 10 points and each Highly Commended print 5 points. The Ken Looker Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the winner of Section 1. The Stewart Hall Trophy will be awarded to the winner of Section 2.

3 Unless notified by a Committee member in the week preceding any Round, each member may enter up to three prints in that Round. (See also General Rules – Print Comp Para 6)

4 A print which has gained an award for first, second or third place may NOT be entered again in any subsequent League Print Competitions. Any other prints (including those gaining a Certificate of Merit or Highly Commended) may NOT be entered into the next Round but may be entered in one more Round either in the current club year or a subsequent year – and if placed may score points.

4 Prints entered in a Section where there are fewer than four entries will not be awarded any placing but will receive two and a half points (unless the member has elected for promotion under paragraph 7 below).

5 No print may be entered more than twice in Rounds of League Print Competitions (whether during the current club year or thereafter).

6 Members who are in the Beginners/Intermediate Section can elect themselves into the Advanced Section (1) either (i) if announced at the beginning of the club year to the Print Secretary; or (ii) on any evening where there is a low entry and the member wishes his/her prints to be judged against stronger competition on that occasion.

7 The committee has the right to promote members from the Beginners/Intermediate Section (2) to the Advanced Section (1). Such committee decisions will be announced at the AGM.

In the following competitions members may enter up to 3 prints unless otherwise stated, none of which have been entered previously in the competition. Where two competitions take place on the same evening members may enter up to two prints in each competition.


The subjects are Landscape or Seascape or Skyscape, or in any combination, taken within the British Isles and adjacent waters. The objective of this competition is to encourage those members who have not gained a major trophy in the current club year or the preceding year. The relevant trophies are the Tom Belcher, Dreghorn, or Ken Looker trophies. Entrants may submit prints, none of which may have been previously entered in this competition. These will be judged individually.

LAND, SEA, SKYSCAPE CUP (Barry and Alison Haines Trophy)

The subject is landscape or seascape or skyscape or in any combination, and which may have been taken worldwide. Each member may submit prints which must not have been entered previously in this competition. The prints will be judged individually.


A maximum of three prints may be entered for this competition.
Prints must not have been entered for a previous Dreghorn Trophy. Each print will be judged individually and will receive marks up to a maximum of 10. The winning entry shall be that which scores the highest total points.


Each member may submit prints which will be judged individually and which must not have been entered in a previous Portrait Cup competition.


Each member may submit prints which will be judged individually and which must not have been entered in a previous Mono Print competition. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image is defined as a Monochrome Print.

EMPSON TROPHY ( Panel of three prints)

Each member may submit one or two panels of three prints. The aim is to display three prints with a common theme, eg. a related subject or a sequence. The three prints will be displayed simultaneously. The rear of the mount should indicate left-centre-right as appropriate. Prints which have previously been awarded a place sticker may not be entered in this competition. Prints previously entered in this competition that did not get awarded a place sticker may be entered one more time. The judge will be invited to select the best panel and the trophy will be awarded to the winner.

APERTURE TROPHY (Knockout Competition)

Two prints must be submitted which have not been entered in any BDPC competition prior to the current club year. The two prints, which need not be related, will be judged individually versus another competitor’s two prints.


Prints awarded “stickers” in the current club year are eligible. Each member may submit a maximum of four prints. In the event of non-availability of the original print, a true copy certified and signed by the Print Secretary will be eligible. The Tom Belcher Trophy will be awarded for the print placed first.