The club is friendly, lively and new members are always very welcome.

Beginners can benefit from the help and advice from the more experienced members regarding camera settings, software etc.

There is always an opportunity for discussion and to exchange information and ideas.

Visitors may visit informally on up to three occasions before deciding if that would like to join the club.

Our Membership fees are shown below.

Subscriptions are due the end of September and for those who  join part way through the year, mid-term Pro-Rata rates are applicable.

2019-20 Rates

Adult (18+) Single £ 55.00 PA
Adult (18+) Joint £ 80.00 PA
Adult (Outer Region & Overseas) £ 27.50 PA
14-18 year olds £ 26.500 PA
OAP Single £ 50.00 PA
OAP Joint £ 70.00 PA